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Pitch2Progress / Saltley Stallions

We recently worked on a multi organisational project with Pitch2Progress & Saltley
Stallions. P2P is a youth engagement charity which provides sports and enrichment
opportunities to young people in the Saltey and wider areas of greater Birmingham.
They briefed us on creating a series of videos over the summer season capturing
their camps and engagement opportunities for young people.

A simple project which utilises our teams experience of working in youth work and the 3rd sector.
When filming and working with young people, the largest hurdle to over come
before the camera has even been switch on is the relationship. You want the most
genuine reactions from the young people to be able to create the most authentic tell
of the organisations project. Whilst capturing organic images of the activities it was
also important to get the most honest reactions of individuals involved.

Additionally we were also commissioned by their partnered organisation – the
Saltley Stallions, a local football team to showcase and tease their new season kit.
It required us to work on a more commercial level, with planning and direction
becoming more of an integral part of the production.

Our video was intended to reflect the inclusive nature of the team and wider
organisations across: multiple faiths, nationality and gender.
We did this by showing two sides of a team, the young, inclusive informal
relationships of the team and then also the modern showcasing of the teams kit,
utilising larger lighting rigs and player models to give a modern edge on a kit
promotion, taking inspiration from pre existing kit reveals and also taking inspiration
from the youth based work we created which focuses on inclusivity and equal

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