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Imagineer / Media Mania

Godiva festival is a nationally acclaimed music festival undergoing in Coventry
every year. We were commissioned by Imagineer and Media Mania to film the after
movie for their stage. A regular addition to the festival, but due to the influx of
culture in the city and funding opportunities; the organisations are able to go all in
this year to create an experience everyone will remember.

We had multiple videographers capturing and maintaining a watchful eye on the
proceedings to be sure everything is being recorded. Our main goal is to get the
most organic and inspiring images of the weekend, correctly showing all the details
to the area. The video will not only be used to promote but also used as a tool for
further funding bids. This required us to make sure we were capturing an in-depth
view of: the weekend, the individuals and the attractions. Inclusive steps were taken
to ensure everyone would be able to have a good time.

Our experience in events and also working with people attributed to our videos
success being the right mix of, fly on the wall and immersive story telling. There
was a push on audio design in this video, wanting to truly reflect all sensory
experiences at the festival.

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