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Pally from PairOrTwo

PairOrTwo is a midlands based sneaker brand offering a range of new exclusive and used
sneakers. We travelled up to Manchester to see Pally in action at the Cerography sneaker head
event. The event featured a range of different sneaker reseller brands showcasing their
stock. There was a live DJ playing to bring the vibes for the people giving the event a
unique modern atmosphere.

We wanted to provide Pally with basic content package and social media optimised videos
for his brand portfolio. We filmed using our Black Magic 6K cinema camera. We had our
fluid head tripod at use for certain shots too. Our team brought LED lights to ensure we get
good lighting while filming the finer details of Pally’s stand.

We filmed for a couple of hours, getting a range of close up shots of the sneakers as well
as the customers reactions and Pally’s interactions with clients. We recorded an interview
with Pally as well as getting a video testimony at the end of the event.
In post production we put together a number of social media optimised reels as well as a
BTS styled footage explaining our day filming for PairOrTwo in Manchester.

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